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The EU-funded project
LIBERTY “Lightweight Battery System For Extended Range at Improved Safety” launched in January 2021.

LIBERTY’s overall target is upgrading EV battery performance, safety and lifetime from a lifecycle and sustainability point of view. The key objectives of LIBERTY are to achieve a range of at least 500 km on a fully charged battery pack, halved charging times, an ultimate safe battery system, a long battery lifetime of over 300,000 km for first life, the ability to reuse the battery pack for second life applications and sustainability over the battery pack’s entire life cycle.

The innovations within LIBERTY lead to a compact high-performance battery pack with advanced diagnostic and control features and functionalities. In terms of consumer’s values, it brings extended range, short charging times, long distance travel capability, safety, reliability, user confidence and affordability. Led by Ikerlan S. COOP, LIBERTY consortium is composed of international experienced scientific institutes and industrial companies, including 16 partners from 7 European countries.

Within the project, ACCUREC will lead the work package for recyclability study of new battery pack for electric vehicle, as well as lithium recovery in battery recycling process.

For more information, please visit project website:

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