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Why would you choose Accurec? Because we provide the safest battery recycling plant for our customers.

Battery evolution has changed the performance of batteries and accumulators dramatically – but has changed components and their hazardsas well. Leaching has been the most threatening danger of storage with previous battery chemistries – whereas uncontrolled firepropagation is the most considerable risk of today’s battery systems.

At its Lithium battery recycling facility in Krefeld Accurec has developed an extremely safe storage and safety program for Lithium batteries. After having unloaded customers’ delivery, all bins are opened before storage to check the adequacy of the packaging and insulation of batteries. Containers not meeting the requirements are repackaged or filled up with sand of vermiculte.

Thereafter, battery waste stored for sorting and treatment is supervised permanently: 24 hours/7 days. Outside shift hours, each bin ischecked manually with infrared camera every hour — night and day — to detect hot spots and prevent any heat propagation.

Furthermore, Accurec has designed and built a unique safety storage, which provides maximum safety:

– 360° accessibility

– 5 separated fire sections (fire resistance class f120)

– First respond team on site after heat detection

– Redundant dynamic heat source detection system (roof)

– Direct alert link to fire department (on site reaction time < 10 min)

– Firefighting system with water flooding system  (600 qm/h)

– 100% fire extinguishing water collection in underground reservoir

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