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If you manufacture or recycle accumulators, you handle various dangerous substances like acids, alkaline solutions, harmful organic electrolytes, hazardous metals and metal oxides. In addition to these biohazards, you have thermal hazards because of possible battery thermal runaways, explosions or physical hazardous like high voltage (> 70V).

To protect workers and meet legal requirements, an operative QM system with responsible QM-representatives must be installed. The hazard analysis is continuously and daily checked by auditors and certified QMRs.

Annual voluntary control program confirms that Accurec is the industry leader in worker protection at its battery recycling facilities. Typical occupational measurement results:

Plant Mülheim:
Cadmium < 0,1 mg/m3
Nickel < 0,0001 mg/m3

The plant at Mülheim executes a biomonitoring of workers in accordance with standards of the International Cadmium Association (ICdA). Published results of over 10 years attest that Cd exposure at Accurec is one of lowest in all Cd-handling plants in Europe.

Plant Krefeld:
Cadmium < 0,000003 mg/m3
Nickel < 0,0001 mg/m3
Cobalt < 0,00019 mg/m3



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