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Used batteries were recognized early by politicians and scientists as a secondary source of important industrial and critical materials. In order to preserve these valuable raw materials in the economic cycle, the Battery Directive and the new Battery Regulation not only set minimum collection volumes, but also defined minimum rules for the technical recovery of the contents in a specific EU regulation (EU/493/2012). This regulation stipulates how the efficiency of battery recycling processes must be calculated and mustnot fall below 75% by mass for NiCd batteries, 65% for lead and 50% for all other battery chemistries. These existing minimumrules are valid until 2026 and will then be replaced by the quotas shown in the diagram. The calculation of these quotas will begoverned by subsequent regulations.


Accurec has had its processes for the most important material flows examined by external and independent scientists (RWTH Aachen, Prof. Dr. Dr. Bernd Friedrich). On an unannounced audit day, the comprehensive audit determined the input and outputanalysis of waste and products, balanced material flows and considered losses and process emissions. The recycling efficiency (RE) was then determined and certified in accordance with the statutory calculation specifications. They finally exceed the legal requirements and can be submitted as a summary of the results on request.

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