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Batteries contain substances, which can have relevant direct or indirect impact on the environment and workers safety. We are engaged tominimize this potential effect, complying with regulations and even exceeding technical limitations. Our quality management system has put a comprehensive risk analysis in place. It is regularly and unannounced inspected by authorities. Results are published on the website of theauthority (District Government Düsseldorf):

Mülheim recycling facility processes batteries containing nickel and cadmium, both are heavy metals potentially dangerous for the environment. Accurec has committed to a repetitive voluntary control and measurement of emissions, which confirms its ultimate low off gas emission status:

Cadmium:  <  0,001 g/h

Nickel: not measurable.

Also Accurec’s Lithium-battery recycling process at Krefeld plant does not emit toxic gases or metals. Offgas from thermal pyrolyses is treated at post-combustion device before entering a multiple step absorbing and filtering system. Offgas from mechanical screening is filtered due to thehigh efficient particle filtering system

(HEPA) with following typical results:

Total dust:  < 0,1mg/m3

Arsenic:  < 0,001 mg/m3

Cadmium:  < 0,001 mg/m3

Lead:  < 0,001 mg/m3

Nickel:   < 0,001 mg/m3

(score less than 0,001 mg/m3 indicates that element has been below detection level.)

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