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Comparative Study of Li-Ion Recycling Technologies Download
General Terms and Conditions (German) Download
General Terms and Conditions (English)  Download
Sorting and Packaging Instructions Download
QM Certificate (EfbV) Download
Beförderungshinweise für Alt- und Neubatterien (ZVEI) Download
Investigation about Packaging Materials of Lithium Batteries Download
Abstract Safety Assessment Pouch Cells Download


European Commission: EU battery directive and related commission decisions Link
BattG Batteriegesetz (German Implementation of EU/66/2006) Link
RECHARGE AISBL — The European Association for Advanced Rechargeable Batteries Link
European Waste Transportation Regulations: Directives and Regulations Link
ADR-Regulations: Transportation of Dangerous Goods Link
Useful Information about Batteries: Battery University Link
International Regulations on Shipments of Waste Link
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