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15 years ago, Accurec invented state of the art recycling technologies for Nickel-based batteries. With a capacity of 4,000 tons/y, its plant in Mulheim (state of North-Rhine-Westphalia), came to its limit. In addition to this, the Li-Ion battery technology  captured the market and started to challenge the recycling industry. Consequently, Accurec built a plant from scratch in Krefeld harbor area. Since inauguration in May 2016, already more than 12,000 tons of Li-batteries were recycled.
On 27. July 2020, construction works will start again. Investing another 7 million €, Accurec will double its facility volume and security storage.
We will expand sorting with additional 3 lines and a dismantling center for automotive batteries. Main technical installations will be two different in-house developed thermal treatment furnaces for Li-Ion batteries. These innovative, patented technologies will allow deactivation of batteries, separation of organics and conversion of metals for improved up-stream segregation of valuable metals. After launch and a test period, Accurec will provide a capacity of at least 7,000 tons/y in spring 2021.

These works will challenge our daily procedures and logistics. We apologize for all inconvenience and shortage during this period.


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