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LOLABAT – Horizon 2020 project LOLABAT


Having started in January 2021, the Horizon 2020 project LOLABAT „LOng LAsting BATtery System“ funded by the European Union has been developing rechargeable nickel-zinc batteries (RNZB), which show enormous potential for the European martket, especially for stationary energy applications. The battery system is characterised by a high energy or power density, the absence of critical and toxic ingredients while keeping production costs low. With 17 partners from 7 European countries, the scientifically competent and economically oriented consortium covers the entire value chain from raw material to production to end-of-life and allows a detailed analysis of second use and recycling strategies. 

By focusing on the ecological consideration of the entire life cycle, the investigation of possible recycling technologies led by Accurec has a key position in the project. The work, which will begin next month, will compare, among other things, safe wet crushing of the batteries with consecutive hydrometallurgical treatment of the active masses to the best available technique of vacuum distillation developed and operated industrially by Accurec. For the evaluation of the different processes, the revision of the European Battery Directive will also be taken into account.  

For more information, please visit the project website:

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