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No doubt: recycling makes sense. Recycling of industrial metals like Nickel, Cupper, Iron etc. helps economy to source materials.
However recycling of strategic and critical materials like Cobalt, Graphite, etc. is necessary to balance high demand price fluctuations.
This becomes true, specifically for batteries, which are necessarily needed for green energy and traffic transition. Frequently people rise the question about ecologic advantages of battery powered cars – a question that rarely has been answered scientifically correct. Arguments against batteries are frequently: Absence of recycling opportunities, capacities or simply high energy consumption.

That recycling of Li-Ion batteries works, is already shown by pioneers like Accurec. Its climate-neutral character is now realized and proved at Accurec by transposing energy supply to 100% renewable energy since 1st July.
Our next target: Implementation of our self-developed CET-technology in summer 2021. The chemical energy content of batteries will be converted and will supply 100% of thermal energy for whole battery treatment process. In addition, excessive energy will supply external industrial processes.

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