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The new EU-funded EU-funded project ECO2LIB

The new EU-funded EU-funded project ECO2LIB viable Production and Recycling of Lithium-Ion Batteries” launched in January 2020.

The ECO2LIB project is successor of Sintbat project, which managed to develop a cheap and energy efficient, maintenance free, lithium-ion based energy storage system. The ECO2LIB project adds to the successes of the Sintbat project, shifting focus to a new key performance improvement (KPI), the cycle related costs per energy: €/kWh/cycle. It very well reflects the real need of the customers if a minimum volumetric energy density is added. An extended LCA, cradle-to-grave will also be setup to judge the environmental impact of the different options and to choose the best. In fact, the ECO2LIB acronym was created to underscore the ecological and economical importance of the project.

ECO2LIB brings together a strong and complementary consortium, including 10 partners from 6 European countries. The project is led by VARTA MICROBATTERY Germany, and completed by international experienced scientific institutes and OEM`s.

Within the project, ACCUREC will lead the work package for recycling and the investigation of an innovative recycling route, with higher material efficiency and cost effectiveness.



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