(2014 – 2018)

CloseWEEE is an European research project, aiming to increase the range and yields of recovery materials from WEEE streams. Accurec’s work is devoted to recycling-actions of waste Li-Ion batteries from notebooks, mobile phones, smartphones and tablet PCs by evaluating the recycling potential of Cu, Co, Li and graphite. By analyzing TRLs of new recycling technologies and the market situation, latest knowledge will be integrated to construct an innovative microwave based process technology for recycling of critical materials at high yield


(2015 – 2019)

HELIS is an EU research project working on one of viable post Li-ion accumulator candidates: lithium sulfur battery. With a solid foundation from the development in former FP7 project EUROLIS, HELIS project is aiming to improve the stability of the battery and engineering of complete cell and implementation into commercial products. To achieve the goal, Accurec is exploring safe and efficient recycling solutions for the Li-S batteries.


(2016 – 2019)

ZnMobil is a German state funded research project, aiming to develop Zinc-air secondary battery, which is a complementary technology beside Li-Ion. One of technical difficulties for the battery is the recycling and reactivation of degraded Zn slurry. Within the project, Accurec will develop an efficient recycling solution for the battery with their many years experienced Vacuum Distillation Technology.


(2017 – 2021)

DEMOBASE is an EU funded project and aims on the cost reduction and efficiency improvement of e-drivetrains. Accurec’s work program within the consortium is devoted to safety and recycling aspects of battery system developments for automotive applications. Starting from the construction phase, Accurec derives design for recycling recommendations to significantly increase the material recovery yield. After analyzing all process steps from waste battery collection to material recovery, the recycling value chain will be improved ensuring highest recovery rates and safety standards.