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company data sheet


Accurec Recycling GmbH


objective battery recycling, metal treatment and trading
legal entity Limited capital stock: 260.000 €
company category SME
managing director Reiner Weyhe, Dr. Ing.     Albrecht Melber,  Dr. Ing.
waste facility no. E11715338
permit no.
issued/terminated Dec-18-2000 / (without time limitation)
competent authority Bezirksregierung Düsseldorf
location Wiehagen 12-14 D-45472 Mülheim
recovery operations code R4 / R 12
permitted waste code EWC 160601* Lead batteries
160602* NiCd-batteries
160603* Mercury dry cells
160604 Alkaline batteries
160605 Other batteries and accumulator
200133* unsorted batteries, including 160601/2/3
200134 unsorted batteries, excluding 160601/2/3
160214 Solar modules
facility capacity Mülheim plant 4000 t/a