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New head quarter in Krefeld
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ACCUREC as moved into its new headquarter. Mülheim site will stay open for NiCd and NiMH batteries. Krefeld for Lithium batteries.

Please consider our new address and phone number:

BATAVERSTR. 21    DE 47809 KREFELD    TEL  0049 - 2151 - 65298-0     This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


public information regarding § 8a annex V
Information für die Öffentlichkeit nach § 8a Anhang V

Accurec invests and signs long term contracts
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By signing a new, unlimited cooperation contract at this year’s IFAT, Dr. Ing Reiner Weyhe, managing director of Accurec Recycling GmbH, and Dr. Hans Richter, director of Currenta Environment, strengthen their cooperation in recycling of lithium batteries. In the coming years, they will implement a safe recycling for up to 15,000 tons of lithium batteries "Since the beginning of our strategic cooperation, we have already treated about 7,000 tons of high-performance batteries and closed the material cycles on a large scale for the first time, “ Dr. Reiner Weyhe explained. "With the new cooperation contract, we want to intensify and strengthen our cooperation," Dr. Richter continued. The exclusive partnership brings together two companies with designated expertise in the thermal treatment and mechanical processing of complex metal mixtures.

In its rotary kiln, Currenta is able to pre-treat thermally all types of market available lithium batteries - for example nickel-cobalt, lithium iron phosphate and lithium manganese oxide. In the temperature-controlled (< 600°C) rotary kiln, battery cells are opened and the organic components (electrolyte, plastics, etc.) are pyrolysed completely, without changing the state of contained metals. The advantage of the thermal pretreatment mainly owes to the controlled deactivation and the safe destruction of combustible organic battery components, which can make up to 30% relating to the total battery mass. These organic components have a high calorific value, which can be used efficiently in steam generators without burdens on the environment. Also the considerable amount of fluorine compounds, which would react with air moisture to form toxic compounds during manual disassembly or mechanical treatment, can be removed in a proper and environmentally friendly manner. Overall, Currenta’s thermal pre-treatment reduces the energy consumption for metal recycling and underlines the positive ecological balance of recycling compared to the metal extraction from ores. The inactive battery residues are returned to Accurec’s newly built plant in Krefeld. Here, Accurec invested 10 Million Euro within one year to build the most modern processing plant for Li-battery scraps and make it available to the market.

"A large portion of investment has been spent on storage and process safety," Dr. Ing. Albrecht Melber, Co-managing director of Accurec, explained. "Our customers can expect a safe storage of their sensitive dangerous goods.“ With a fully automatized water flooding system, 600 cbm/h water in the storage area can fight possible battery fires efficiently.

"With a future-oriented permit limit of 60,000 tons per year, we are adapting ourselves to a growing market segment, although the technical treatment capacity is designed to 5,000 t/a as a start" Dr. Weyhe explained. In particular, the classification and batch treatment of Li-battery subtypes with different ingredients is part of the core competencies of the company. Moreover, the facility provides a modern, ergonomic disassembly line for Li-ion battery modules from electromobility, and a complex mechanical processing of the inactive battery materials from the thermal pretreatment at Currenta. As a result of the strategic partnership in industrial scale, the valuable metals from lithium batteries can be returned into the economic cycle in a safe, cost-efficient and environmental friendly way.

EcoBatRec project nearly finalized

the 3,5 year lasting EcoBatRec project is going to be finalized beginning 2016. The outcome is a novel process to recycle automotive Li-Ion batteries at best cost and optimized resource efficiency. It will provide beyond April 2016 a capacity of minimum 600 tons/year automotive battery disassembly and subsequent recycling.

CloseWEEE: Joint EU Research Project Halftime
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More than 3 millon tones of waste from electric and electronic products are collected in EU25 every year, and it is foreseen to grow significantly by upcoming mandatory collection and recycling targets. They contain enormous tonnages of secondary raw materials, which are, depending on recycling technology applied, recovered partly at low efficiency. In many cases, industrial metals and critical materials are irrecoverable and dissipative lost. Therefore, CloseWEEE has gathered a competent consortium from 7 EU countries to improve existing technologies and practice. CloseWEEE targets following main topics:

  • increase the recovery yield of WEEE-plastics (PC-ABS and PPE-PS) up to 80%
  • povide high quality plastics and integrate up to 20% in virgin fractions
  • recover up to 80% of BFR (Brominated Flame Retardants) and Antimony
  • improve significantly the recovery yield of Li-Ion battery materials, specifically premium quality graphite, Cobalt, Nickel and Copper

The consortia consists of private or public research institutes, namely Fraunhofer IZM, Fraunhofer IVV, Tecnalia, Gaiker, Exergy and Vertech; Plastic related productive companies: Sitraplas, Argus and TPVision; Information platform provider IFixit and recycling companies Demontagezentrum Wien and Coolrec. Accurec is the dedicated battery recycling partner and responsible for the improvement of the Li-Ion battery recycling technic. During 2017 and 2018 Accurec will perform a lab scale thermal treatment process, based on microwave technology.

about Accurec

ACCUREC, founded in 1995, is a technology based treatment company to manage secondary raw materials. At its plant in Mülheim/Ruhr, ACCUREC has installed several of its unique and own developed innovative treatment techniques, dedicated to the recycling of used batteries. This european battery recycling center enables ACCUREC to recycle every modern type of industrial and consumer rechargeable battery with the best available technology at zero emission. Moreover Accurec supports customers with professional compliance services (collection, logistics, documentation) for discarded batteries.

Driven by intensive r&d engagement, our metallurgical knowledge leads to new professional treatment areas like recovery of precious metals, solar panel recycling or high end refining of special metals.